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Contact Lenses


Contact lenses lead you into a world of freedom from glasses and are a great option for many people looking for an alternative to glasses.  Whether playing sport or going out for the evening you won’t have to worry about damaging or losing your glasses. Wearing sunglasses won’t involve swapping over to your prescription glasses, driving at night without the glare becomes a thing of the past – the benefits are endless, we’ll help you discover the freedom of Contact Lenses. 

We fit all sorts of contact lenses from Daily disposables, Monthly wear to annual lenses as well as coloured contact lenses. 




It all starts with us checking to see if your prescription is up to date and then a thorough check of the health of your eyes. During this appointment we check precisely the shape, size and curvature of your eye as well as the relative dryness of your eye to determine the most suitable lenses for you and your lifestyle. We’ll teach you how to insert and remove them from your eyes a few times, so that you can confidently put them in and out every time you need to.  Contact lenses are medical devices and must be professionally fitted with the wearer being educated about their correct usage.


Contact lenses we Specialise:


·       Alcon

·      Johnson And Johnson

·       Bausch and Lomb

·       Cooper Vision



Book your Contact Lens Examination today: call 066 7122633


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