Depending on your child’s visual acuity, an optician will prescribe children’s glasses for either full-time or part-time wear. In some cases, children may be instructed to remove their glasses for schoolwork such as reading and writing or they might have to wear glasses permanently.

Unfortunately, most children are at the centre of a little teasing about their glasses, usually at the very beginning as friends and family familiarise themselves with this “new look”. So, it’s imperative that a frame is chosen to suit both the child’s face shape and personality. Here at Roger Harty Opticians, we stock an array of imaginative and colourful frames for boys and girls which encourage children to become proud glass-wearers

The difficulty in choosing children’s frames is the fact that their noses are only partially developed. This means that they don’t have a bridge which stops plastic frames from sliding down the nose, although, manufacturers of plastic frames are now starting to make the bridges to fit children’s noses. Most metal frames have adjustable nose pads, so they fit everyone’s bridge. Frames also come with wraparound temples, which wrap the entire way around the back of the child’s ear and prevents the glasses from sliding down or falling off entirely.Children can be rough on their glasses and having a spare pair is most important. Especially if the child is not too keen on wearing glasses and plays the trick of “they are missing” or “they broke by accident”. On a more serious note, if your child has a very strong prescription and is not capable of functioning without glasses, then, having a spare pair is essential.


At Roger Harty Opticians, a child’s initial eye exam is free of charge and we offer reduced lens rates for children which vary according to the prescription. We also offer basic Frame & Lens deal for €50 or three pairs for €100 so there is no need to worry if your child misplaces or damages his/her glasses. We also encourage glass-wearing children to drop into our store on a regular basis to ensure the frame is fitting correctly as the face is developing. A quick adjustment may be necessary from time to time.


Children up to the age of sixteen who are referred from the HSE are covered for frame and lenses which are dispensed at our premises in Boherbee, Tralee. These frames are not the most stylish, although, if you prefer a more expensive frame for your child, we can deduct the benefit from the cost of the preferred frame so all you pay is the balance and your child is excited about getting his/her new colourful, ultra-cool glasses!


We stock the following children’s brands:


Eyespy— - Rock - Star - —Eye Stuff - —X Games - —Seventh Street - —Flexon Kids - —Crocs— - Actman Junior - —Hello Kitty - —Blinx -—Julbo